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October 6th, 2015 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

Valents Group is an Australian Company with a registered office in Melbourne, Victoria. We provide engineering and management services in the fields of water and environmental sectors.

We have the capability to assist your organisation with effective management of water, wastewater and stormwater assets.

Our unique three water asset management services provide innovative customer focused solutions making it possible for your Asset, Operations and Maintenance managers to effectively manage, operate and maintain the network to achieve best performance of your assets, meet levels of service and achieve cost efficiencies.

We have a wealth of experience in providing asset management solutions, highlighted by the scope of our clients which range from utilities, water companies, contracting firms, local government through to state-levelorganisations.

We specialise in offering consulting services in the areas of Asset Management, Operations Management, Project and Contract Management, Improving Operational Efficiencies, Business Process Mapping and Innovations.

The most important characteristic of our service is to help companies in bridging the knowledge gap to achieve their strategic goals.

Our primary focus is adding value to our clients businesses with improvements and innovations. Our core service consists of

  • Asset Management
  • Asset Planning
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Program Management
  • Asset Inspections
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Data Validation
  • Investigation
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management