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  • Water and Transport (water, wastewater and storm water)
  • There is no substitute for water. It is essential for living and full enjoyment of life and is the basic human right to access clean water. Utilities always face challenges in managing water and its resources.

    Governments, corporations and businesses have recognized the depleting water resources, and a constant increase in demand could potentially increasing water costs, impact on people lives and disrupts business operations. This requires a proactive water management strategy. Good asset management practices play a major role in better management of water and its resources.

    Governments and corporations are proactively identifying and developing long-term sustainable water strategies and making significant investment on efficient water technologies, water recycling, water treatment and water infrastructure management.

    Effective and efficient water management can improve and ensure water preservation and gain cost efficiencies.

    Valents Group can help governments and corporations in developing framework and tools in better management of assets to achieve improved asset performance thus reducing investments and costs.

    Valents Group can assist you with:

  • Development advice
  • Network operations
  • Water quality investigations and root cause
  • Review and develop Operational processes and procedures
  • Identify network improvement projects
  • Water Quality Improvement Programs (network improvement, flushing etc)
  • Capital Works Program (upgrading, asset renewals and prioritization)
  • Asset creation
  • Vesting process (taking over assets created by developers)
  • Investigation and field based activities
  • Customer and stake holder consultation
  • Contract supervision and management
  • CCTV vision and defects reporting
  • Data verification and validation
  • Condition assessment
  • Asset failure analysis and develop response plan