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We are pleased to post some of the references received by our Senior Consultant for professional contribution to other organizations in previous roles. Our objective is continue adding value to our clients businesses and start building more references.

Prasad Tekumalla, Associate Vice President (Projects) at Vijay Nirman Company Pvt. Limited.

“thorough professional and capable manager with leadership qualities, energetic and proactive in managing contracts and projects” “problem solver, deliver things and maintained harmonious relationship, and always look for a win-win outcome”

Anthony Vallyon, Strategic Policy Advisor Infrastructure Services, North Shore City Council

” added enthusiasm, drive and ideas to our contract improvement initiatives we had underway” “brought relevant insights from experience in other operations that were transferable to our clients and our own situation and that improved both water maintenance itself and customer satisfaction for our North Shore community in a time of transition to new water industry governance arrangements.”

Nina Sardareva, Asset Management Team Leader Water, North Shore City Council

“excellent understanding of strategic asset management and operational issues pertaining to underground infrastructure” “can delve into details without losing the big picture. Handles issues and relationships in a professional manner and achieves balanced solutions.”

Malcolm Anderson, Business Unit Manager, Bilfinger Berger Services

“wide experience of the water industry coupled with analytical skills would make him a valued member of any team.”

RajuDharani, Team Leader Development Engineering, Metrowater Ltd

“A well rounded professional, experience and ability to apply and deliver in any role he steps into.”

Abhishek Sharma, Technical Director – Project Management, Beca

“very focused on doing things better and not just accepting “that’s just how it’s done”

Ramen Patel, Senior Project Manager, GHD Ltd

“very thorough in his work and uses systems well to produce desired results” “approachable and very easy to work with. He is a self starter, enjoys extending himself and looks for challenges.”

Sanjesh Lal, Senior Consultant, BarySatchell Consultants Ltd

“excelled in negotiating solutions with stakeholders on his side as well as creating buy in from our clients and other consultants” “a forward thinker and an excellent engineer.”

Top qualities:Personable, Expert, Creative

Dolly Jack, Senior Development Engineer,Metrowater

” provides specialist engineering input on the consent applications as well as providing technical advice to customers, developers and stakeholders”