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Project Management

In order to achieve the project objectives on time within budget with reduced uncertainties, planning, execution and risk management is essential. Late delivery of projects could affect the overall project budget. Therefore, Valents Group can assist in setting up project management processes so that every element of the project is considered in the process to minimise uncertainties, manage risks and achieve project objectives.

Our management team have managed several projects from residential, commercial, industrial to infrastructure projects in several countries We can assist you on any area of the project life cycle including:

  • Project planning
  • Project process
  • Project execution and supervision
  • Project Liaison
  • Project audit
  • Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality
  • Project communication plan
  • Measurements, valuation and payment certification
  • Estimation, costing and quantity surveying
  • We can assist quantities take off from the drawings, measurements
  • Claim Reconciliation
  • We can assist companies in reconciliation of claims against the schedule of rates or bill of quantities insuring that the claims are matched against the schedule or agreed rates.
  • We can run through the reports, asses and identify multiple/duplicate costs claimed against single activity
    We can certify progress payments
  • Issue Resolutions/Problem Solving
  • We follow the process by investigating and finding the root cause of the problem and suggest appropriate solution to achieve a positive outcome.
  • While resolving issues, we turn them into to an opportunity for innovation / improvement and document them for future reference
  • Relationship Management
  • Contract Improvement Plans
  • We have developed a process model and a framework to follow an improvement plan, which involves a series of discussions with the stake holders with set of agreed objectives, actions, time frame and the expected outcome.