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Asset Management

Infrastructure Asset Management

We have experience working on Asset Management and other infrastructure projects for more than two decades in Australia, New Zealand, Botswana, Malawi and India. With our consultant´┐Żs extensive experience of theoretical and practical knowledge, we can advise and assist you on whole asset life cycle.

Valents Group advocates International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) is the bible of Asset Management. The three key important reasons for managing assets:

  • To support service delivery as community rely on public services
  • To protect assets as they cost significant investment
  • To prevent failure of assets otherwise they can cause social and economic effects on the country

Valents Group can assist your organisation with:

  • Asset planning
  • Collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of information concerning current and future infrastructure requirements
  • Condition assessment
  • Establishing and determining life of asset through investigation, examine CCTV videos, defects identification and assessment of extent and severity, physical inspections, condition and testing, asset location, performance monitor, measure and evaluate issues, including capacity, water tightness, structural integrity and material
  • Performance Assessment
  • Asset performance is evaluated against the performance indicators and compare actual performance of the asset against the industry standards
  • Development of Quality Management process that supports Asset Management function including business process mapping and quality frame work
  • Setting up effective organizational structure to deliver AM functions defining account abilities
  • Operations Management
  • Develop Operations and Maintenance strategies with detailed plans
  • Management of maintenance contracts
  • Asset information validation and verification
  • Valents Group is capable of conducting site inspections concerning physical asset locations and verify against asset records, physical condition assessment, identifying discrepancies and validating asset records