M 800G Greywater Treatment System

Turns wastewater  into recycled  water Treatment  and Recycling  of D om estic  Greywater
(i n c l u d i n g  k i t c h e n  w a s t e w a t e r ) for reuse in
the home, including  toilet flushing, clothes washing  and
garden  irrigation
Sleek Compact  Design Fits into a small space – Generally  can be po s it ion e d
n ext to the residential  building/s
Modern  Design The model complements  rather  than dominates  the
residential  environment
Latest  Technology High water quality  r e s u l t s  a t t r i b u t a b l e  t o  t h e
u s e  o f  i n n o v a t i v e  biological  trickle-bed  reactor,
membrane  filtration  and ultraviolet  treatment  processing
Ease of Use Turn it on and stand back – no need for attention
between  regular  6-monthly  services
Compact  Design Ease of installation  –Small  u n d e r g r o u n d  t a n k
required  to collect greywater,  and a single external
powerpoint  is all that is required  to connect  the system
Treats  Kitchen  Waste The M800 is able to recycle a greater percentage of
wastewater  than any other product  on the market as it is
additionally approved to treat kitchen wastewater
Reliability Quality  components  with minimum  moving  parts
Quiet Operation No intrusive  noise,  only a gentle  bubbling,  and then
only when the unit is cy cl ing
Serviceability Easy access to components for 6-monthly service
required by local authority
Meets Local and State Requirements Approved by the EPA to recycle greywater and kitchen
waste water so no regulatory headaches for installers or
Minimum Costs Short- and long-term savings – Equivalent to one 60-
watt light bulb running all day (1.6KWH/day)
No  Harmful Chemicals Does not use chlorine o r other chemicals which are
toxic to plants and t h e e n v i r o n m e n t

Technical Specification


Treats up to 800 litres of Domestic Greywater per day (including kitchen waste water) for an average 4 bedroom (8-10 person) household

Water Quality *

Can be used for clothes washing, toilet flushing, hand held hosing, surface irrigation and car washing as allowed by local council. Water quality is significantly better than most dam and river water and some tank water.
* average 26 week accreditation trial .


The treatment system is housed in 2 x 300mm above ground tubes which can be positioned unobtrusively against the side of the house without impeding access.


Greywater is initially collected in a 450 l in ground polymer tank for primary treatment before being cycled through the above ground treatment system.

Treatment Process

The household Greywater enters the system via an inground collection tank where it is filtered to remove particles. The liquid is then pumped into the bioreactor which is located within this tank. The water is cycled through the system to allow it time to permeate through the bioreactor bed prior to being sent on to an above ground preparation tank. Finally the liquid flows through an extremely fine membrane and then is fed over an ultra-violet light (UV) for disinfection.

An air blower provides air for automatic cleaning of membranes and removing dirt/sludge and water is pumped regularly out of the system to supply you with very clean safe recycled water.


Treated water connection. 20mm poly fitting. 1.7 m from the ground. An additional water storage tank can be installed for collection if required


100mm overflow to sewer. Water diverted to waste if system stops.


When the front cover of the cabinet is removed the controller, membranes, pump and blower are easily accessible thereby making access for maintenance easier.


Sensors within the system monitor performance and audible alarms activate if a problem occurs. If a power failure shuts down the system wastewater automatically flows to the sewer so the unit does not overflow

Remote Monitoring

System equipped with mobile dial out system if required for remote monitoring.