Water Recycling

Valents Group is extensively promoting water management systems to Water companies/Local Government/Regulatory Body to adopt water saving methods to conserve water by recycling/reusing/recharge concept to water stressed countries(India, USA and Africa).

Valents Group have collaborated with an Australian technology company whom have developed an innovative and affordable Greywater system that can be installed to an individual dwelling to a group housing.

The wastewater treatment system treats Greywater (wastewater discharged from shower, laundry, handwash basin and kitchen) discharged from a typical domestic household. The treatment is a biological process. It consists of three stage process. Initial process involves natural aerobic bubbling for a certain time, later the water passes through the UF (Ultra Filtration) membrane and finally the clean water passes through the UV scanning to remove if any remaining bacetria/viruses from the treated water. The final output water gives a crystal clear Class A+ water quality. This treated water can be used for laundry (washing clothes) to non-potable usage such as toilet flushing, gardening and general cleaning purposes.

By installing our Greywater system on the properties can potentially save about 50% to 60% of freshwater that can be preserved for drinking and cooking. Our System not only saves water but also provide both tangible and intangible benefits to the households. The households can control and manage their daily water consumption more efficiently and reduce their fresh water and wastewater footprint by installing these treatment systems to conserve water. By adopting these sustainable water solutions on their properties will improve their quality of life.

Greywater Treatment System for Individual Dwellings.